RSA Professional Development Webinar Series: Research Methods: Managing International Multidisciplinary Research Projects

18 October 2023 to 18 October 2023

This webinar series offers regular training and support for skills, knowledge and professional development on a variety of topics. The sessions are open to all and free to attend but require registration.


This webinar is designed to assist early/mid-career academic and non-academic researchers seeking to enhance their career development by adapting to new and innovative ways of working in international multidisciplinary environments.

Drawing on case studies by experienced researchers the webinar aims to improve the understanding of, and responses to, the multifaceted challenges involved in managing an ever more complex research process by bridging what are often deep-seated disciplinary and cultural divides.

This webinar presents insights from the recently published Edward Elgar guide: How to manage international multidisciplinary research projects. The guide can be used to support researchers through the five interlinked stages in the international multidisciplinary research process:

▪ securing funding and meeting funders’ requirements

▪ project coordination and management

▪ building an international multidisciplinary research team and managing intra-team communication

▪ research design and methods

▪ engagement with and dissemination across multiple stakeholders, including policymakers


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