RSA Professional Development Webinar Series: Research Methods: New Forms of Data

06 December 2023 to 06 December 2023

This webinar series offers regular training and support for skills, knowledge and professional development on a variety of topics. The sessions are open to all and free to attend but require registration.


New Forms of Data

The emergence of novel social-spatial data sources, like Bluetooth tracing data, satellite imagery analysis, mobility app data, and location-based social networks, has opened unprecedented avenues for social scientists. These data streams enable fresh perspectives on intricate societal questions. Previously intangible aspects, like real-time urban mobility patterns, micro-level social interactions, and personalized digital footprints, can now be dissected and comprehended in new ways.

In this session, we delve into the transformative potential of these data streams. Through compelling examples, we unveil how these sources bolster policy-oriented research. Furthermore, this webinar will engage in a critical reflection on new forms of data, their potentials, and their restrictions, examining how, when compared to traditional data formats, they augment the development of verified evidence for informed policymaking and pragmatic implementation.


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