RSA City & Regional Sustainability Transitions (CREST) & TRAKR Webinar - Exploring Transformative Knowledge in Transition Processes

22 February 2024 to 22 February 2024

11am GMT / 12pm CET - 2pm GMT / 3pm CET (Webinar is 3 hours)

The first webinar (22.02.24) will point to epistemological and methodical issues for qualitatively exploring how transformative knowledge and knowledge dynamics develop and anchor in différent regional contexts. The focus will be on the transformative value of engaged qualitative research and on the socio-technological configurations and topologies of knowledge in sustainability transition.

The webinar will be organised in two parts. The first part, moderated by CREST, will give the keynote speakers the floor with short plenary discussions, while the second part, moderated by TRAKR, will allow more time for breakout groups to discuss the issues raised in each presentation and more general research avenues in a final plenary session.

The second webinar (21.03.24) will raise questions and discussions about how to quantify the potential transformative knowledge assets of regions and nations and the patterns and structures of transformations across time and space.


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